Air intake system- What you need to know about it !!

Basically, the air intake system is a device that consists of woven fabric and cellulose, which eliminates the solid particles such as pollen, dust and also other particles from the air. In fact, this device is much essential for the best air quality. This air intake filter is very useful as well as applied, specifically where the air quality is essential for most of the time on constructing the air ventilation intake system such as on engines, etc. Generally, this air intake filter appears very smaller as well as utilized in simpler applications such as filtering for vacuum cleaners, filtering a hair blower’s intake and also widely used in the car engines and also in the larger factories on larger industrial pipes.

engine intake systemIn recent days, this engine intake system has become more famous and also being mostly used to minimize the polluted air from entering the environment, which is a major cause of global warming. But the usage of air intake filter is different based on where it is going to be used and also installed. They are also varied in shape, size and the materials used. Even some materials can filter up to 0.3 to 750 microns of impurities, which could withstand up to 1000 degree temperature or Fahrenheit. There are some intake filters available on engines that claim to improve the torque, increased in horse power and also boost up the throttle response. Some kinds of filters are made up of cotton gauze, which is reusable for economy and washable to improve the life of your vehicle.

What are the various kinds of air intake systems?

The air intake systems are a vital part of any automobile. Usually, they are the important components, which determine the power of an engine. Primarily, there are several various kinds of intake air systems available that could be ranged from simple and cheap to elaborate. However, this air intake system is generally classified into two types such as cold air intake systems and warm air intake systems. Each of these systems has own set of benefits and limitations, which are specially designed to operate in the various types of environments. These intake for cars are the perfect suitable, so many vehicle manufacturers can simply install this system. If you want to improve the fuel efficiency and power of your engine, you should always purchase any of these air intake systems that include:

  • Cold air intake systems
  • Warm air intake systems

Does a cold air intake increase gas mileage?

When the manufacturers are building the cars, they usually prefer the cool air intake system to design and accept the exact balanced mix of fuel and air in a combustion chamber. It does have an effect of making a lot of warm air to build up in the chamber. Therefore, the result of this dual air intake system is using a lot of fuel and the cold air intakes can pulls the cold air into the car as well as engine too.